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Your Women And Tasers- What A Combination! And Where You Could Order One For Her!

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If you can't find a little humor at the above photo. something is wrong with you lol! Women and Tasers are a  great combination that can help at least curb a small percentage of assaults that happen. I have always said that I know many women who are terrified of guns, but they still want to protect themselves. That's why i got into the self defense market. Miami is a big city, and it was interesting how many corner stores, or shops i would walk into, and not see any self defense products whatsoever. None. Zilch.


I would always ask the if they sell pepper spray or stun guns, and they all have this look on their faces------>  

So that's when i knew i had to get these products out there. but its funny, some of the stores act like they want to stock my products in their stores, but really they are looking for edible products and bongs! Hey, whatever floats your boat.  But i know that when women see me and big red----->    Self Defense Dealer, Self Defense Weapons near me, taser pulse   Yep that's us lol, out on the street, they always ask what do i sell. I  happily give them a card and let them know i drop ship as well as sell to the public. I may have a few items  on me, but most of the time its just to show clients who want to purchase more of them for their establishments. But as I talk to women, some of them have guns and that's cool, but I tell them let a gun be your last line of defense. You don't really want to take a life, but you do want to get as far away from your assailant as possible. I can understand that completely.

Tasers are a great defense tool for women. They are different from stun guns in the way that a Taser has projectiles with a range of about 15 feet, as where stun guns have to make close contact. I have many husbands who order from me on my website and order the Taser Pulse on ebay from me as well, and they all say that they are purchasing this item for their wife or girlfriend, or daughter or niece going to college, or because they work night shift.

I will continue to make these products available and known to as much as the public as i can. The holidays are just around the corner, yet we still have high percentage of crime around this same season, So please in the midst of your shopping on and offline, beware of the scammers that are out there.  If you are looking for a wonderful personal protection  product, then look no further, the Taser Pulse is your answer! Click here to buy a Taser Pulse!

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