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  • Tasers Now Legal in New Jersey and 3 Other States - Here's Where To Buy Them Online

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    With Taser legal in NJ, residents now have a less lethal option for self defense and incapacitating potential attackers.

    If you are in New Jersey and planning to have your own Taser or stun gun, you would really love to hear this bit of good news. A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision has now lifted the decades-long ban on the individual owning of stun guns and similar devices in the state and New Jersey residents can now legally purchase these for the first time ever since 1985.

    However, there are several stipulations that come with the new rules regarding private ownership of stun guns and Tasers. For starters, minors are not allowed to buy or possess Tasers as well as those who are considered as mentally ill and individuals who have been convicted felons. But otherwise, everybody can own one.

    The term ‘stun gun’ pertains to "any weapon or other device that emits an electrical charge or current intended to temporarily or permanently disable a person," as stated on the proposed policies. The revision of the current law banning ownership of stun guns followed a legal battle pursued by a state resident Mark Cheeseman with the help of a local organization, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. The suit filed against State Attorney General Christopher Porrino claimed that the longstanding ban violated the citizens’ right to bear arms. Before the prohibition was repelled, only police officers could use such devices like Tasers.

    Why Buy Tasers


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    Tasers and stun guns are less than lethal weapons. A lot of people in New Jersey have been clamoring for this new amendment because they feel they are being denied capacity to protect themselves without having to use lethal weapons such as guns. A stun gun is ideal for stopping and incapacitating an attacker. In other parts of the States, a Taser is one of the most popular self defense weapons particularly for those who do not like guns. The effect of being hit by a Taser includes inability to stand, disorientation and increased heart rate. So imagine stunning a potential attacker with a Taser. This indeed provides extra protection especially among women.

    The Taser can be very effective in subduing a potential attacker without the probability of killing him. Several studies found Tasers to be a lot safer than firearms and there is only a low occurrence of events that resulted to serious injuries while preventing an attack. Although this type of self defense weapon has been banned in New Jersey for decades, Taser is not classified by the ATF as a firearm because it does not use gunpowder as propellant but compressed nitrogen.

    Using Taser for Personal Safety


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    Applying high voltage to prevent a potential attacker instantaneously, a stun gun emits electrical current to immobilize anyone with bad intentions. The high voltage it releases causes the muscles of a would-be assailant to spasm uncontrollably, disorienting him for a moment. During these crucial seconds, stun gun users can easily get out of harm’s way. The good thing about this is that it has no risk of permanent injury because a stun gun’s amperage is relatively low.

    Having a stun gun or Taser with you gives you the opportunity to buy crucial time during an attack and it can also be used virtually anywhere regardless of the situation. Even if the attacker is standing in the water or is already holding you, you can still use it to subdue the attack without affecting you.

    No matter what your profession is, where you live, or how you conduct your daily routine, a personal self defense tool such as a Taser must be one of your top priorities. Stun guns are ideal personal protection weapons because they are now deemed as one of the most practical types of self defense. These devices are now easy to purchase, thanks to the new law in New Jersey, and they also pack just the right punch. If you are armed with the right device for your self defense, you have a higher chance of escaping an attack without harm without risking a lethal blow that may prove fatal.

    Men, women and virtually anyone can take advantage of owning a stun gun as a non lethal self defense weapon. But on the other hand, not all stun guns are created the same. You need to know the best place to buy one that sells high quality Tasers and other related self defense weapons. This means you are sure that what you are buying is a good quality piece of equipment and guaranteed to do the job when you need it the most.

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