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About Us

Self Defense Products are on the rise WorldWide, and Self Defense Dealer is on the front line with the best products on the market. We sell only the best products on the market. We test what we sell, and we stand behind it. You won't get that kind of commitment from anywhere else.


 We offer a full line of personal safety equipment as well as law enforcement equipment and supplies. Self Defense Dealer, wholesaler of self defense products, believes that every person has the right of self-defense. We support this right by providing a full selection of non-lethal self defense devices, hidden cameras, survival gear and surveillance systems. We offer the best possible service, selection, quality and wholesale prices so we can proudly provide these products to people who need them.


We support this belief by only developing law enforcement grade non-lethal self defense products, hidden cameras, and survival gear — products that are most likely to keep your family safe during any kind of home invasion or personal defense scenario because they default to non-lethal force as first action.


Our selection of self-defense accessories will empower you to stay safe at home and on the go. From weapons designed for self-protection, our wide array of tools will have you breathing easier. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our most popular self-defense products on our home page, ideal for any adult.


Self Defense Dealer is a subsidiary company of Ulysse Holdings Group